PS4 Elite Controller

PS4 Elite Controller
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  • Manufacturer: Emio
  • Condition: New
The PS4 Elite Controller allows for the most comfortable and  
customizable gaming experience for your PS4 console.
Interchangeable thumbsticks; round or concave, short or tall with magnets and reinforced ring
  • Switch between a variety of thumbsticks for a personalized control and ergonomics. Different combinations improve control and ergonomics. Different combinations improve accuracy, speed, and reach, so you can master any game.
Back Paddles with 2 preset configurations
  • Easily attach and remove paddles without any tools.
  • Paddle placement gives your fingers more control.
  • Preset 1 is the front buttons, Preset 2 is buttons RB, LB, RT, and LT. You can now keep your fingers on the thumbstick while executing intricate moves with the preset back paddles.
Interchangeable D-Pad
  • Faceted D-Pad makes moves like combo executions easier, while the traditional D-Pad is more precise with moves like changing weapons.
Rubber material for better grip

Charging with 9' braided micro USB cable (included)

Bluetooth controller, also works with braided cable

Trigger locks
  • Allow customization with the LT and RT buttons. When locked, the button only pushes halfway, allowing for faster shooting and saving valuable time with each trigger pull.
  • You can easily switch back to full-range trigger motion.
Compatible with Xbox Elite Accessories

For use with PS4 system


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Price $89.99