Christmas Story - Action Glitter 18" Leg Lamp

Christmas Story - Action Glitter 18" Leg Lamp
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  • Manufacturer: NECA
  • Condition: New



It's The Christmas Story - Action Glitter 18" Leg Lamp.

This "indescribably beautiful" new lamp celebrates 30 years of the beloved holiday comedy A Christmas Story!

The infamous leg lamp is the Old Man's pride and joy, so we imagine that he'd love this more outrageous version.

The leg is filled with glittering golden liquid that circulates slowly, bringing "the soft glow of electric sex" from that Indiana window to your home. Including the fringed shade, it stands 18" high, with a 5-foot cord and separate power switches for lightbulb and leg. Uses one 40-watt bulb.

NOTE: Please allow 10 minutes for liquid to fully warm and glitter to begin moving once you turn it on.

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Price $54.99

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